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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Max Beach Pool-Beach Reservations FAQ page! Here, you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about reserving sun beds and enjoying our pool and beachfront amenities.


Do the beds on the beach include towels?

Yes, all beds include towels, which they all should stay in Max Beach after using.


Is there a minimum spend on the beds?

No there isn't . Pool prices are only based on sunbeds


What is the entrance price?

There is no entrance price


Do you allow dogs?

We do not allow dogs in the venue.


Can we wear fancy dresses?



Do you have an area to store luggage?

We do not have lockers for luggage storage.


Do you allow stag and hen groups?

Yes! We welcome stag and hen groups, and can have designated areas for you
to be allocated all together (VIPs or Theatre areas)


Can we split our bill between us?

As long as you have different tables/sunbeds we can split your bills.


Can we have more towels than the number stated on the bed?

If you require extra towels, they can be hired for an additional 5€ per towel.


Can we come and have a drink at the bar without booking a bed?

You are welcome to come and have a drink in the chiringuito area upon on availability however we don’t book tables just for drinks.


Do you serve Shisha?

Yes, we offer a variety of flavours. Ask your waiter on the day and he will be able to tell you what is available. Only served by the pool and chiringuito area.

We do not serve it in the restaurant.


What is the dress code?

Our dress code is smart beachwear.


Do you have changing rooms and shower facilities?

We only have a shower by the pool. We don’t have changing room or proper showers.


Can we eat at our pool beds?

Yes! We have waiter service to the beds, so you can order food to your bed, or if you prefer, you can order from our Mao street food restaurant.


How much deposit is required for a group booking in the restaurant?

For groups of 12 and over, we will require a 20€ per person pre paid deposit in order to confirm a restaurant booking.

Have a question that's not listed?
Feel free to reach out to our friendly team for assistance.

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